Tjeerd van den Berg

T-Works ensures that your valuable installations function properly and that it stays that way. Composting and fermentation installations are our specialty, and other waste treatment installations are in good hands with T-Works as well. Our home base is in The Netherlands, but we operate internationally.

When you bring in T-Works you can expect us to:

  • contribute to the building and assembling process of the installation;
  • supervise and coordinate sub-contracters and their activities;
  • test the various parts of the installation step-by-step;
  • take care of the commissioning of the installation, both 'cold' and 'warm';
  • give instructions to the operators about the process;
  • train the operators on how to use the plant;
  • give explanation about the biological process of composting and fermentation;
  • execute any small repairs and resolve minor construction errors;
Also, if there is something wrong with your existing installation but you don't know what it is, you can contact T-Works. We internalize every installation very easily, so that we can quickly see what the problems are. We then solve these in consultation with you.

We are flexible, analytical and involved, both in the boardroom and on site. Click at 'Contact' if you want to become acquainted and/or you want to use the services of T-Works. Looking forward to meeting you!

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